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A Real Star

There are many ways to describe Randyman: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Randyman is real. He delivers from the soul combining art, story and song in perfect unison.



Randyman is an influential Music Artist with a devoted following. His incredible career began in his Hometown of New Orleans, with the release of his first single. Since then, he have toured almost constantly and have put out music on a regular basis that manages to thrill and delight fans—both old and new—and critics alike. 

Randyman found himself at a very young age being fascinated by the universal language of music. In 2003, Randy joined a music label called Infiltration and would perform at various mic nights as well as nightclub performances.

He was one of many up-and-coming artists on the label with artist such as Marrero Desto AKA Dollah Billionz who recently passed away in New Orleans, LA.

Randyman moved away in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina, which left his city unlivable. Having to move away, he made the decision to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he then would make some of his music connections. At that time, Randyman was putting the pieces together to build someday his own Recording Label, which is now World Jam Music Group.

On January 1st, 2009, Randyman’s cousin Adolph Grimes the 3rd was killed by the New Orleans Police a few minutes after midnight going into New Year. This took a toll on Randy and he stopped creating music because his mind was no longer focused on the craft. Randyman has recently returned to the music scene to reclaim his place in the industry.


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